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girijasu replied to your post “[[MOR] Akane vs Anya. You men are morons. Soul protect. …Clay,…”

its like the animators gave up on clay and akane looking decently attractive halfway through the episode

At least I can mine some humor out of this image.  Thanks for inspiring it, girijasu. :)

Obviously, Clay went to the Kristen Stewart school of emoting.

Speaking of which:


[Images below for those who want to make their own “Bored Clay” meme.]

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So it looks like Funi didn’t put the time into translating the flowchart that Clay drew up, which is a shame because it makes the joke lost on the audience.

This part of the episode is actually based on chapter 21 of the manga, which i translated quite recently. So that’s where the second picture comes from. But there’s literally no difference between the two in terms of text. personally im delighted they made clay’s drawings even worse in the anime

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